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Josh D'louxlee - To The Party EP [LM 0122091] Josh D'louxlee - To The Party EP [LM 0122091]
Music / Progressive House Yesterday, 21:56
Josh D'louxlee - To The Party EP [LM 0122091]

Artist: Josh D'louxlee 
Title: To The Party EP 
Genre: Progressive House
Quality: 320 kbps

Josh D'louxlee - To The Party (Club Mix)
Josh D'louxlee - To The Party (Hardtechno Mix)
Josh D'louxlee - To The Party (Original Mix)

Dead-Disko - Daz Rec [SSM0004] Dead-Disko - Daz Rec [SSM0004]
Music / Progressive House Yesterday, 21:51
Dead-Disko - Daz Rec [SSM0004]

Artist: Dead-Disko 
Title: Daz Rec 
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Speedsound Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Dead-Disko - Daz Rec (Original Mix)
Dead-Disko - Re-Started (Original Mix)
Dead-Disko - Take Your Chance (Original Mix)

Kristian Nairn & Alex Graham - Life Is Too Short [ZT13501Z] Kristian Nairn & Alex Graham - Life Is Too Short [ZT13501Z]
Music / Progressive House Yesterday, 19:00

Artist: Kristian Nairn & Alex Graham
Title: Life Is Too Short
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Zerothree
Quality: 320 kbps

Kristian Nairn & Alex Graham – Life Is Too Short (Original Mix)
Stefano Richetta - Dual of the Fates [CR124] Stefano Richetta - Dual of the Fates [CR124]
Music / Progressive House Yesterday, 19:00

Artist: Stefano Richetta
Title: Dual of the Fates
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Click
Quality: 320 kbps

Stefano Richetta - Battle of the Heroes (Original Mix) 7:14
Stefano Richetta - The Asteroid Field (Original Mix) 7:24
VA - Stellar Fountain Presents Spring 2019 [SFS057] VA - Stellar Fountain Presents Spring 2019 [SFS057]
Techno / Progressive House Yesterday, 18:58

Artist: VA
Title: Stellar Fountain Presents Spring 2019
Genre: Melodic House & Techno, Progressive House
Label: Stellar Fountain
Quality: 320 kbps

Andrologic - Metanoia (Jiminy Hop Remix) 7:36
Alfonso Muchacho - Heartless (Cosmonaut Remix) 7:14
Underground Ticket - Leave (Cosmonaut Remix) 7:37
Alberto Blanco - Same as Tomorrow (Savvas Remix) 8:11
Pedro Capelossi - Cala Mystica (Gaston Ponte Remix) 7:34
Parallel Universe - The Decision 7:28
Dofamine - Shtorm (Anthony G Remix) 7:17
Deep Fog;Cream (PL) - Iridium (Plus Thirty Remix) 6:23
Renga Weh - Running Rabbit 6:57
CJ Peeton - Weird Nature 6:24
K3V (SL) - Spirit Catcher (Zankee Gulati Remix) 8:54
K3V (SL) - Spirit Catcher (Arno & Dirisio Remix) 8:31
Todabara - Basis (Hasith Remix) 8:10
JONNAS B - Insanity (Dimuth K Remix) 8:37
Damien Spencer - Just a Fool (Imran Khan Remix) 7:36
Damien Spencer - Just a Fool 7:31
Feri - Adrastea (SNYL Remix) 8:11
Vitaly Shturm - Moonlight Cruise (rAin Remix) 7:20
Damien Spencer - Just a Fool (sYnus Audio Rework) 8:35
Feri - Amalthea (Dowden Remix) 7:09
Oliver Lieb - WASP-17b (Espen Remix) 8:57
Cosmonaut;Rebus Project - Exosphere 6:52
Juan Sapia - Skyward (Erich Von Kollar Remix) 7:38
Juan Sapia - Where I Belong 8:35
Starbeam - Starfield (Ewan Rill Remix) 6:18
Starbeam - Starfield (Rafa'EL 'Journey' Mix) 7:56
Brian Muszkat - Camila (Andrologic Remix) 7:23
George Ellinas - DeepMind (Blue Cell Remix) 9:21
Renga Weh - Redrum II 6:38
Ricardo Piedra - Cactus (Alec Araujo Remix) 9:44
Juan Sapia - Ephemeral [SM028] Juan Sapia - Ephemeral [SM028]
Music / Progressive House Yesterday, 17:07

Artist: Juan Sapia
Title: Ephemeral
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Specific Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Juan Sapia - Ephemeral (Original Mix) 8:12
Starkato - Flight Of Ares EP [SMTC030] Starkato - Flight Of Ares EP [SMTC030]
Techno / Progressive House Yesterday, 17:06

Artist: Starkato
Title: Flight Of Ares EP
Genre: Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Label: Somatic Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Starkato - Flight Of Ares (Original Mix) 7:43
Starkato - Flight Of Ares (Riamiwo Remix) 8:17
Starkato - Sparks (Original Mix) 7:31
Starkato - Goodbyes (Original Mix) 7:07
Koschk - Made Of Stars [BP8292019] Koschk - Made Of Stars [BP8292019]
Music / Progressive House Yesterday, 17:05

Artist: Koschk
Title: Made Of Stars
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Bonzai Progressive
Quality: 320 kbps

Koschk - Made Of Stars (Original Mix) 7:52
Koschk - Made Of Stars (Rise And Fall Remix) 7:47
Koschk - Made Of Stars (Another Audio Noir Trip) 7:05
Michael A - Deepwater [GDR023] Michael A - Deepwater [GDR023]
Music / Progressive House Yesterday, 09:58

Artist: Michael A
Title: Deepwater
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Ghost Digital Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Michael A – Deepwater (Original Mix)
Michael A – Delusion (Original Mix)
Niccolò B - The Way [MYC740] Niccolò B - The Way [MYC740]
Techno / Progressive House Yesterday, 09:57

Artist: Niccolò B
Title: The Way
Genre: Progressive House, Techno
Label: Mystic Carousel
Quality: 320 kbps

Niccolo B - Boarding (Original Mix) 7:45
Niccolo B - Boarding (Renascientist Remix) 6:03
Niccolo B - The Way (Original Mix) 9:24
Niccolo B - The Way (Adonis Rivera Remix) 6:39
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Electronic music is the most popular in the whole world. Along with the mixed styles of electronic music, five main genres of electronic music can be distinguished: Trance, House, Drum & Bass, Techno and Progressive.

The best progressive house music song in mp3

The main reason why Progressive is so popular is its rich sounding. Lots of musical special effects, unusual timing and structure of the song itself make this music unique. The most striking feature of Progressive is the continuous unwinding of the tune and lack of monotonous repetition. You can download Progressive in mp3 for free. One of the most popular performers of Progressive House are Steve Forest and Davide Svezza. They are in TOP-20 of the best Progressive House performers. Techno is the father of Progressive Trance (4 beats per a bar is that very same straight beat). For the time of its existence, Progressive has been on a roll twice – in the early 90s and from 2007 to 2013. Today, more and more new artists and tracks come along, so the third wave of popularity is not far off. This kind of music will be popular with young people for many years to come. You can download Dance Progressive Trance and Techno for free right now on our website.