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VA - Marea [NAT614] VA - Marea [NAT614]

Artist: VA
Title: Marea
Label: Natura Viva
Genre: Techno, Tech House, Progressive House, Melodic House & Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

J Apollo - Inner Peace (Original Mix) 7:12
LADISLAØ - Avifield (Original Mix) 7:39
Kickbugs - Thus (Original Mix) 7:32
Fabio Fuso - The Silence (Original Mix) 6:36
SOLIDMIND - Orbital (Original Mix) 6:43
Unseen (NYC) - Balance (Original Mix) 7:45
FuriaXGarziano - Someone Outside (Original Mix) 7:48
Andrea Barone - Naturale (Original Mix) 8:23
Andrea Barone - Naturale (Maurizio Benedetta Remix) 8:15
ChulyDDK - Bonhomia (Original Mix) 5:40
Jeff Eveline - Motor Heart (Original Mix) 6:29
Leveg - Your Pad To Me (Original Mix) 6:49
Paul Strive, Kole Audro - Okinawa (Original Mix) 5:07
Christian Florio - Hofmann's Street (Original Mix) 5:43
Franco Ciamberlani - Evolution (Original Mix) 6:36
Noidor - Life Is Like A Dream (Original Mix) 6:01
Groove Killah - Paranoid (Original Mix) 5:42
AnToN KuRT - Destination Synth (Original Mix) 6:47
Cacciola - Relieved (Original Mix) 6:38
DMILE, Odhin Fernandez - Wish You (Original Mix) 7:27
TATIEN - Black Girl (Original Mix) 5:39
Suub - Paranoia (Original Mix) 8:30
Caravaca - Give Me (Original Mix) 5:44
Digipulation - Star Tribez (Original Mix) 9:11
K-Fel - Charon (Original Mix) 6:41
M.F.S: Observatory - Judgement (Original Mix) 6:13
Nikoretti, Teoss - Executor Of Desires (Original Mix) 6:34
Pesco DJ - Crystal Skull (Original Mix) 6:08
Maxi Vega - Sismo (Original Mix) 6:56
PONTE - Cassy (Original Mix) 6:41
Sllash & Doppe - Circulo [LPS251] Sllash & Doppe - Circulo [LPS251]
Music / Tech House Today, 10:21

Artist: Sllash & Doppe
Title: Circulo
Label: Lapsus Music
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Sllash & Doppe - Circulo (Original Mix)
MSJ - Butterfly Nebula [ENCOLOR188] MSJ - Butterfly Nebula [ENCOLOR188]
Music / Tech House Today, 10:20
Artist: MSJ
Title: Butterfly Nebula
Label: Colorize
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

MSJ - Butterfly Nebula (Extended Mix)
MSJ - Lunar Landing (Extended Mix)
MSJ - The First Man (Extended Mix)
Mat.Joe - Ya Know [TAB047] Mat.Joe - Ya Know [TAB047]
Music / Tech House Today, 10:19

Artist: Mat.Joe
Title: Ya Know
Label: This Ain't Bristol
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Mat.Joe - Ya Know (Original Mix)
Mat.Joe - Ya Know (Radio Edit)
Felix March - Salamana [EARTHDIE13] Felix March - Salamana [EARTHDIE13]
Tech House / House Today, 10:16

Artist: Felix March
Title: Salamana
Label: Earthdie
Genre: Tech House, Afro House
Quality: 320 kbps

Felix March - Salamana (Original Mix) 8:13
Felix March - Comanches (Original Mix) 6:24
Boris Ross, Baggi - What You Do [DESOLAT072] Boris Ross, Baggi - What You Do [DESOLAT072]
Music / Tech House Today, 10:15

Artist: Boris Ross, Baggi
Title: What You Do
Label: Desolat
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Boris Ross, Baggi - Owl (Original Mix)
Boris Ross, Baggi - What You Do (Original Mix)
Kristin Velvet – Rally 69 [KD079] Kristin Velvet – Rally 69 [KD079]
Tech House / Techno Yesterday, 19:26
Artist: Kristin Velvet
Title: Rally 69
Label: Knee Deep In Sound
Genre: Techno/Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Kristin Velvet – Echo Belly (Mark Broom Remix) 6:23
Kristin Velvet – Echo Belly (Original Mix) 8:42
Kristin Velvet – Rally 69 (Original Mix) 9:13
VA – Affani & Andy Slate: Sampler Pack [LCLUBMUSIC006] VA – Affani & Andy Slate: Sampler Pack [LCLUBMUSIC006]
Music / Tech House Yesterday, 19:24

Artis : VA
Title: Affani & Andy Slate: Sampler Pack
Label: LClub Music
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Todd Terry – This Will Be Mine (Affani & Andy Slate Raw remix) (06:47)
Todd Terry – This Will Be Mine (Affani & Andy Slate dub remix) (06:45)
DJ Sneak – Magique (Affani & Andy Slate remastered remix) (07:15)
Sucker DJ’s – It’s Gotta Be (Affani & Andy Slate remix) (07:50)
Alvaro AM – Laser Tool EP [SOLA07801Z] Alvaro AM – Laser Tool EP [SOLA07801Z]
Music / Tech House Yesterday, 19:14

SIZE: ~30.6 Mb
Artist: Alvaro AM
Title: Laser Tool EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Sola
Quality: 320kbps

Alvaro AM – Laser Tool (Extended Mix) 6:39 /126bpm/ Dmin
Alvaro AM – Living Together (Extended Mix) 6:26 /125bpm/ Amin
FOOLiE -Digital Daddy [PSYCHD075] FOOLiE -Digital Daddy [PSYCHD075]
Tech House / Techno Yesterday, 19:12

Artist: FOOLiE
Title: Digital Daddy
Genre: Techno/Tech House
Label: Psycho Disco!
Quality: 320kbps

FOOLiE – Delay Play (Original Mix) 5:10 /124bpm/ D#min
FOOLiE – Digital Daddy (Original Mix) 5:07 /125bpm/ Amin

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Download tech house music in mp3

Tech House is an electronic music genre, a mix of House and Techno. Two musicians, Terry Francis and Eddie Richards, contributed much to Tech House. They were the first ones who mixed House and Techno. However, this genre became truly popular after the Plastic City label had been established in 2000. This genre is characterized by spacious sound, deep bass lines, minimalism and rare percussion grooves. This genre originated in the 1990s in England and the United States. It became popular probably because it was a very interesting and appropriate mix of two genres of electronic music.

Tech House is listened to all over the world and it is performed by millions of artists. Here are the most popular of them:

  1. Booka Shade – a band playing electronic music; it was established in Frankfurt in 1995.
  2. Gui Boratto – a Brazilian musician born in 1974 in Sao Paulo.
  3. Klangkarussell – an Austrian duet. The band name is literally translated from German as a merry-go-round of sounds. The band was founded in 2011. Despite the fact that the band is quite young, it has many fans. The band members are Tobias Rieser and Adrian Held. Netzwerk (Falls Like Rain) is one of their tracks.

You can download free Tech House tracks on our website. If you want to download music, then just find it on our website and download for free. All the best Tech tracks are available in mp3 on our website.